Stanley Sidik

Hi and welcome to my blog I am living in Sydney, Australia having previously lived in Auckland, New Zealand and Jakarta, Indonesia. I am happy to announce that I am moving out of Australia to be closer to my son. He is living with his mother, whom i love dearly, in Philippines.

My passion is empowering people to have the courage and take a stand for what they believe in the face of adversity and hardship. I love the planet earth and as custodian of this planet we must do what we can to preserve nature and ensure that there is a bright future. I am on a mission to reduce plastic waste and have partnered up with Water3 to introduce it to the south east asian market, starting with Indonesia and then Philippines! To find out more on how YOU can be part of this, please contact me.

By profession I am a technologies, an IT professional with over fifteen years experience and a graduate of Macquarie University in Bachelor of Information Systems. I have a solid foundation in Networking & Infrastructure principles, Database Design and Programing Principles. My passion has always been in leading a team which allows me to focus on personal and professional development. It brings me great joy to see a team member blossoming into a successful person in personal and professional life!