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Backing up your website should be a top priority! Countless hours are spent and a lot of hard work as well as money have gone into designing and developing your website, you wouldn’t want this to just disappear into thin air. For an ecommerce site, you could be losing sales and revenue, you want a backup to restore from in case of any disaster. Ask yourself, why do you have insurance? Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) is highly more valuable than insurance, so what are you waiting for?

WordPress has several backup plugins that can integrate with Dropbox. The plugin allows backup your site contents and database into your dropbox account. In DR situation, you will thank yourself in having a foolproof DR to fallback on. Yes there are many other ways into doing DR and backup, this method is what I use frequently with personal and small startup WordPress sites. Businesses who did not budgeted for backup can use this method to provide the business with a reliable and free backup.

For this exercise you will need:

  1. WordPress Backup plugin (UpdraftPlus OR BackWPup)
  2. Dropbox account – Free tier is OK
  3. Ability to follow this blog post ūüôā

Let’s get cracking on backing up our site.
First, download the backup plugin:

  1. Login to WP-Admin page
  2. Click on Plugins | Add New
  3. Search for Backup and find UpdraftPlus
  4. Click install
  5. Click Activate

Configure backup settings in UpdraftPlus backups:

  1. Click Settings | UpdraftPlus Backups
  2. Under Settings tab, ensure the below are specified
    1. Files Backup Schedule (Hourly/Daily/Weekly/etc)
    2. Retention policy for files
    3. Database Backup Schedule (Hourly/Daily/Weekly/etc)
    4. Retention policy for database
    5. Ensure Dropbox is selected
    6. Scroll down and click on Save
  3. Remote storage authentication pop up appears, click Follow this link to proceed with Dropbox Authentication
  4. Login/Sign in to your dropbox account via the updraft page presented
  5. Read and continue through until Completed authentication page is presented, click on Complete to finish
  6. Backups commence automatically, please wait patiently until backups are completed
  7.  Your backup is located in your dropbox\apps\ folder

Sadly UpdraftPlus did not work for me, this is possibly due to my configuration, however I do have a trusty plugin that I have frequently used called BackWPup

  1. Login to WP-Admin page
  2. Click on Plugins | Add New
  3. Search for Backup and find BackWPup
  4. Click install
  5. Click Activate

Now to configure backup job in BackWPup:

  1. Click BackupWPup | Add new job
  2. Give the backup a name (DailyBackup/WeeklyBackup/MonthlyBackup/etc)
  3. Put a tick next to backup to dropbox
  4. Scroll down and click on Save changes

Configure Dropbox Authentication:

  1. Click on To: Dropbox tab
  2. Select the first option Get Dropbox App auth code (Recommended)
    (unless you want backup to be put in specific folder, select the second option (NOT recommended))
  3. Sign in to your dropbox account
  4. Click Allow to set access for BackWPup into dropbox\app folder
  5. Copy the code, and paste into the App auth code
  6. Scroll down and click Save changes

Configure Schedule:

  1. Click on Schedule
  2. Select Start Job as with WordPress cron
  3. Set your schedule as Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  4. Scroll down and click Save changes

Your scheduled backup is ready to commence at the scheduled time. To commence a manual backup go to  BackWPup | Jobs click on Run now
Running backup is displayed in Jobs

Last completed backup status is displayed, logs are also available for administrators to go through.

Finally backup is available in dropbox\apps\BackWPup folder which is accessible via web and dropbox app.





You can sleep well at night knowing that your website backup is completed and scheduled to run automatically. Best of all your administrator is notified via email when a backup task has failed or completed.

If you like how I have helped you, please share this with others. Otherwise if you have any question or need a helping hand go to my contact page

See you in my next blog post!

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