Why I love Zuver

I have come to know Zuver and have been a customer since early 2015. At the time I was looking around for a web hosting company to host our startup website – ITSPRO – cut long story short, they were offering web hosting at a very cheap price. Being a startup, we were looking for:

  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • 24/7 support
  • Reasonable uptime (greater than 97%)
  • Australian based hosting company

Zuver seem to fit the requirements and in no time I signed up and purchased a domain name (I also use NetRegistry, Melbourne IT, AWS, Azure for web hosting and cloud server). Since then I have referred and signed up family, friends, acquaintances and small startups with Zuver. Fast forward to today, I decided to have my personal blog website. Zuver does .me domain registration for $18.00/year, while web hosting are available on either $3/month or $6/month which can be paid monthly, yearly etc.

Upon Googling for coupon code, I found ZUVER90 which gave 90% one time discount which can be used on hosting fee. I opted for $6/month hosting, which ultimately lead to a massive saving of $64.80 for the year. So for 12 month .me domain name registration and web hosting ended up costing me $27.20, that is cheaper than a dinner at a fancy restaurant. You can’t get any cheaper than that. Some of you are thinking, what about backups etc? I will cover that in another blog post, (FREE backup of your WordPress site)

Figure: 90% One Time Discount on Web Hosting at Zuver

I am not saying that Zuver is your one stop shop for everyone’s website, I would not host an Enterprise system here, Zuver simply it cannot provide 99.99% uptime, geo-redundancy, HA (High Availability) which are provided by big cloud vendors such as Azure and AWS. For everything else I do recommend Zuver. Did I also mentioned that Zuver has other selling advantages such as:

  • Free SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt
  • Free domain tools (DNS, cPanel, Domain privacy)
  • CloudLinux enabled
  • Multihosting

What are you waiting for? Give Zuver a try!

If you are already using Zuver and need a speed boost for your site, check out SiteGround be prepared to spend double on web hosting however you do get a much better uptime of 99.95%, better support and website performance boost (even though the servers are not Australian based). Goodluck and let me know what you think of the improvement.

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