Creating a form in WordPress

Contact form, or a contact us form is one of the most use scenario of exchanging information from a user to the owner/administrator of the website. There are several plugins that are readily and easily available to use, the first being WPForms and another Contact Form 7. The first of which is easier to use as it offers drag and drop feature and has more extensive capabilities such as integration with marketing platform such as MailChimp and Zapier which are available in the paid/pro version. I alternate between the two, however for this site, I chose the WPForms route.

  1. Login to your WordPress site /wp-admin
  2. Click Plugins | Add Plugin
  3. In plugin search, type Contact Form
  4. In WPForms, click Install

  5. Follow the video instruction below to get started on the WPForms

If you need a hand with Forms or any other matters just send me a message through my contact page

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