Love is all around us and yet we choose to see it through a filter! The love that I have for my son is limitless and similarly that is the love that i have for the mother of my son! I have been very selfish for the past 8 years, I listened through a filter.

I have made a commitment to be close to my son, to migrate to the Philippines to be a part of his daily life! I have missed all the milestones he has had along the way, and with that all the milestones that his mother has had. I can choose to continue living the way I am, in the end I know i wont be happy.

I know and have realised now that I have been chasing the wrong things in life, not only that, I wasn’t even aware of it! I now take a stand to create new possibilities for the future for the love that i have for these 2 amazing people!

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