My world

Life is what we make of it. Unfortunately most of us including myself have been living in auto-pilot with auto-responses that happens moment after moment! What happens in the past is in past and it has nothing to do with the future! Have an open mind, this allows us for new possibilities. How can you allow new possibilities if you are thinking of the past???? Your reaction is already predetermined by the thoughts of the past!

Only recently in April I made this realisation through the transformational learning from the Landmark Forum! For 2 days I was frustrated thinking that I do NOT need the forum, through it all i was transformed and am able to create new possibilities for the future! This really excites me and gets me going everyday!

I told people that my passion was sleeping, that i love sleeping – This is clearly a waste of time! No new possibilities happens at sleep, sleep is only to rest your mind and body! I have been doing 6 hours of sleep at night. I jump out of bed the moment the alarm goes off! I start the day with the moment that I win over my always already listening, jumping out of bed and creating new possibilities!

My world is full of people that are struggling through life, just like me! My passion is getting to know the people that I share my world with! I share with them my passion for transforming the world into a better place, starting with reducing plastic waste! I have been very lucky to be introduced to Water3 – they are making a difference in the world by providing water through their kiosks by selling unbottled bottle water! I am bringing this to Indonesia, my motherland and one of the biggest plastic polluter in the world. Philippines is next, the country that my son and his mother, the country that I am moving to to be closer to my love ones and share that world with them!

I am working hard to make my dreams of being closer with my Son and his mother! Transforming the world into a better place by reducing plastic waste! Helping to empower others by means of personal growth and financial assistance!

Love me for me, and not the acts that I do!

I love you all, we are all in this together


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